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Boursin had been in long-term decline, with decreasing sales and penetration in a growing category. To compound matters, the brand had an over-reliance on the Christmas period to drive sales. In response, in collaboration with the Boursin Marketing team, we delivered a long-term campaign to reverse the declines in sales and penetration. The results included: higher sales at a higher value; increased penetration; and a growth rate 7x that of the category.

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Boursin was facing long-term declines in sales and penetration in a buoyant market.

Further pressure was piled on the brand, as consumers only bought the brand at Christmas and supermarket own-label brands commanded more shelf space, putting a squeeze on prime real-estate in-store.

To reverse the fortunes of Boursin and ensure its survival, a concerted effort involving all Marketing functions sought to de-seasonalise the brand.



We worked with Boursin to identify and target the most lucrative eating occasions outside of Christmas – BBQs and picnics. (These occasions surpassed the value of Christmas by 60%!)

Over the course of four years, we deployed an evolving, multi-media campaign, including innovative long-term content partnerships and weather-triggered digital out-of-home.

This effort tapped into the most lucrative summer eating occasions and established Boursin as a summer staple.


Boursin campaign assets




Over the course of the campaign:

  • Consideration increased by 9%
  • Volume and value sales increased – at 7x the pace of the category
  • Annual and summer penetration hit all-time highs
  • Boursin moved from #3 in category to a standalone #1


Boursin campaign assets with meals in the foreground