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A young man reacts to the cost of his groceries

Delving into the cost-of-living crisis

We delve deeper into the latest developments in the cost-of-living crisis, the seismic impact it's having on consumers, and critically how advertisers should react in a fast-changing media landscape.

Advertising in a Recession report cover

Advertising in a Recession

An overview of the approaching economic impacts and how brands can use them to their advantage.

Insights Accelerated cover image showing the topics included in the report.

Insights Accelerated: Q2 2022

Insights Accelerated is a report with a difference. For the next year, we'll review three topics each quarter, making predictions and assessing them in the next report. We'll track trends and measure accuracy every step of the way.

A blank OOH advertising location.

2022 Market Headlines: Summer Edition

The after-effects of the pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Cost of Living Crisis and the first ever winter Men’s Football World Cup are but a few of the factors impacting the UK media market this year. In the face of such turbulence, staying abreast of changes in the media market will be crucial for advertisers looking to plan ahead. To help, Spark Foundry will be bringing you quarterly updates on pricing and the latest news on some of the challenges that brands face in the coming months.

A cookie that has been partially eaten.

Navigating a Cookieless Future

In mid-2023, third-party cookies are likely to be removed from Google Chrome – the start of the cookieless future. Read the insights from our March '22 webinar and panel debate which explored the implications for advertisers and brands alike.

Google Topics iconography.

Google Sunsets FLoC and Introduces Topics

In early 2022 Google announced that they would be changing the way in which they remove 3rd party cookies from Google chrome. Specifically, they’re no longer doing “Federated Learning of Cohorts” (FLoC) and they’re now doing “Topics”. What is FLoC, what are Topics, what does it mean for advertisers and the industry – let’s find out.

An example of a pop-up consent banner.

IAB Pop-ups are Not GDPR Compliant

On the 2nd February 2022, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (acting on behalf of the EU) made a draft ruling that cookie consent popups (the ones you see when you go to a website and it asks for consent to track you) are not GDPR compliant. We delve in to the detail.