Insights Accelerated Q1 2024

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Spark Foundry Insights Accelerated Q1 2024 Cover

Welcome to the first Insights Accelerated report of 2024! Q1 saw consumer trends across diversity, sustainability and gaming and tech develop in surprising directions, leading to interesting comparisons with Q4 of last year.

In the diversity space, we saw a spike in audiences feeling represented in advertising in Q1, reversing the trend of them feeling less represented in Q3 and Q4. This suggests brands can do more to maintain connections with audiences throughout the rest of the year across a range of demographics.

Q1 also saw large increases in interest in sustainable food and eco-friendly travel, suggesting consumers committing to new year’s resolutions. However, searches for plant-based products dropped, suggesting brands in this space need to rethink their advertising strategies to maintain cut-through.

In gaming and tech, we saw Amazon Prime’s well-received launch of Fallout, a TV series based on the video game series of the same name, demonstrate that video games can successfully merge with other mediums if their IP is managed properly.

These are just some of the highlights from our Q1 report, which takes a deep dive into diversity, sustainability and gaming and tech. Download the report to find out more!


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